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About Us

Kapantech is an Information Technology (IT) Consultant and Services company in Indonesia.

As part of the PT. Adipati Satya Raharja is located in the Bandung area, we have provided IT services for companies from various industries in Indonesia by combining and implementing the latest services and technology. For the main product, E-Commerce data management helps MSME players in Digital Marketing.

  • Web & Mobile Development
  • E-Learning
  • E-Commerce
  • ERP Services
  • Internet of things


Help you Defining & Transform Your Company in Digital system An Beyond Innovate Technology.

Web Development

For our team, yours website not only your presence in Digital but we makes your website apps to be powerful brand digital through personalisation.

Mobile Development

Our expert makes you not only be sees by customer, but you can adaptly interact with your customer and know what your customer want through mobile apps.

Internet Of Things (IOT)

Make your product to be easier with internet of things

ERP Services

Integrates business management modules and user friendly technology


Help your business deliver high quality learning experiences without having to train an in house team or work


Solution for your online shop






Hard Workers



Our Portfolio

  • All
  • Web
  • Mobile
  • AI
  • ERP
  • Others

AI 1

AI-Detektor Masker Wajah Menggunakan Metode CNN

AI 2

Sistem Pengenalan Bahasa Isyarat Menggunakan Data Skeleton 2D


Integrasi Pengelolaan Pesanan Marketplace & Manajemen Sinkronisasi Multi Gudang

Web 1

Sistem Monitoring Progress
Pekerjaan Proyek

Web 2

HM Store

Web 3

Pariwisata Sumedang

Web 4

Sistem Pelayanan Informasi Publik

Web 5

Bendungan Kita

Web 6

Sumber Rahmat Interior Design

Web 7

Kopi Akustik Web Order

Web 8

Dinamika Prakarsa Warehouse Management System

Web 9

KNPI Sumedang Website

Web 10

Warehouse Management System Gonegani

Web 11

Angkatan Muda Siliwangi Website

Mobile 1

Aplikasi Android Aesthetic Bluepin

Mobile 2

Aplikasi SmartLibrary IF Unikom

Mobile 3

Indonesian Tamil Sangam Apps

Mobile 4

Monitoring burung apps


Game Edukasi Belajar Hijaiyah

Chat Bot

Pariwisata Sumedang Chat Bot



We have a solid and competent team

Archy Renaldy P N

Chief Executive Officer

M.Rizky Al Kusaeri

Software Engineer/Developer

Putra Army

Software Engineer/Developer

Toni Asep

Software Engineer/Developer

Rangga Buditama

Operational & Marketing Officer

Calvin Budi Santosa

UI/UX Designer

Our Clients

Over our journey, we have helped and guided our beloved customers to grow together